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Nutmeg… Multiple benefits

Nutmeg is a dry nucleus of a evergreen tree with its strong odour and pungent taste, with the tree rising about 12 metres and sometimes more than 20 metres or more.

The nutmeg tree grows in a few areas of the world such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and western India, and the nutmeg tree contains fragrant oil, as mature dry seeds contain fly oil and fixed oil, and dry leaves are found with fragrant oil.

The nutmeg is characterized by its multiple benefits, the most important of which are:

Pharmaceutical industry:
Its use in preparing a large number of medications for hundreds of years in addition to the oil extracted from the grass is used as a compound within the hair and ointments of the ludeites and is used as an anti-convulsion for the stomach in case of swelling.

Digestion disorders:
Nutmeg powder is mixed with orange or banana juice to treat diarrhea that may cause indigestion.

Nutmeg powder blended with juice is also an effective medication to treat insomnia, depression and arousal.

Skin disorders:
Important uses of nutmeg treat skin diseases such as eczema and ringworm.

In the case of a nose he painted a nutmeg cream on the nose and was known for its speed.

Anyone who reads this information should consult doctors specializing in herbal medicine and alternative medicine before making attempts to use these recipes in order to avoid side effects and misuse that may cause multiple health problems.

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