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Top five anti-aging foods and wrinkles

Many women were apprehensive about the day when the wrinkles began to appear on their face and they were trying to find ways and behaviors that reduce or prevent wrinkles from appearing, what are the ways and means to reduce it?

A diet of natural resources such as fruits and vegetables that are essential to the body and antioxidant helps you, Madam, to keep the skin clean, there are five natural sources that are recommended to be more addressed to reduce skin wrinkles:

Avocado is a rich single-saturated fat source that reduces blood cholesterol and contains a large amount of vitamin A. Important to the skin and delaying the appearance of wrinkles in it, avocado also contains potassium which helps protect against hypertension.

Salmon are a suitable alternative for people who do not prefer to eat vegetables or fruits, where they contain good quantities of omega-3 acid that is important for skin health, and it is recommended to eat salmon 3 times a week (at least)

Broccoli (green broccoli):
The broccoli is known as a toxicological helper, which contains the substances of the Colosseum and the known antioxidant effect.

Berries, especially black berries, are a rich source of antioxidants known as falanides, which in addition to their role in resisting the process of age-old tissue progression is resistant to the so-called “free radicals” known for its negative impact on the development of different diseases.

Watermelon, whether the fruit itself or its seeds, is one of the richest fruits of antioxidants, is a rich source of selenium and the “a”. and “B”, “C”, “ie”, and zinc and basic fats, so it is considered the best food resistant to wrinkles.

So make sure, Madam, to eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in materials for your body and skin, natural methods are able to provide you with the necessary protection and to make use of cosmetic surgery.

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