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Benefits of Cantaloupe (yellow watermelon-melon) and weight loss

Cantaloupe (Yellow watermelon-melon) of summer fruits where it contains potassium, calcium and phosphorus tackles to reduce free summer but do you you know what the benefits of the Web are? The Falintialope is not only delicious fruit, but the web contains great benefits and as far as we come to get acquainted with it now.

The benefits of cantaloupe, melon, yellow watermelon

  • Helps quietly temper and works on the ease of digestion.
  • The body compensates for the loss of water in the summer.
  • Very useful for those wishing to lose weight because the fruit of the contour contains only 65 calories.
  • Contains important metal salts for the body and a proportion of sugar helps to stimulate the brain and focus.
  • Reduces the incidence of cold, because it contains vitamin “C”.
  • Contains Vitamin “B-3” which helps improve digestion and converts food into energy.
  • It helps to develop the child properly and enhances the strength of the developing bones, teeth, gums and hair.
  • The growth of skin tissue supports healthy growth through the control of the genetic dye needed to preserve the skin tissue.
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  • Helps heal stomach ulcers and intestines.
  • Antioxidas that reduces the incidence of cancer.
  • Delays the appearance of signs of aging and preserves the freshness of the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Adjusts the blood pressure rate and prevents clots.
  • Reduction in blood lipid acid rates known as “Neva”.
  • contains calcium and phosphorus necessary to build bones, teeth and neurons.
  • An excellent source of vitamin A to contain concentrated quantities of bitakarutine, which turns into vitamin A as soon as it enters the body, providing 100% of your daily needs for vitamin A.
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