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Red watermelon catches for irresistible beauty.

Watermelon is the richest fruit with water and contains natural acids as skin peeled and on many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, who keep the freshness of the skin and work to moisturize it giving it a brighter and brighter look.
We give you a detailed account of the red watermelon for irresistible beauty…

Watermelon Catcher for skin peeling:

Get a glass of watermelon, put this dough on your face and neck, relax for 10 minutes, then rinse your face and neck and dry them well. It is a natural cosmetic surgery that helps cleanse and tighten your skin.

Watermelon Catcher for skin cleaning:

You’ll need one cup of watermelon, two big hazelnut spoons, and two large tablespoons of water. Put the watermelon in the blender, then drain the fluid, add the nuts and the water and take it well, then put that mixture on your face using cotton balls, and leave for 10 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water, this mixture is rich in sugar and vitamins, features strong holding properties, and gives skin freshness and cleanliness.

Watermelon catcher for Oily skin:

Robe “yogurt” and watermelon are a wonderful mixture of fatty skin, by putting it directly on the skin which helps in the peeling process, where that the lactic acid in the robe has an astonishing effect on the fatty skin and the melon serves to feed it and moisturize it nicely.

Watermelon Catcher for dry skin:

A glass of watermelon with banana fruit, the benefits of bananas are similar to watermelons in their skin effects, and use the mixture as a dry skin moisturizer.

Try the red watermelon catches that suit your skin and tell us the results.

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