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How to put perfume in the right way on the body

How do you put perfume on your body? The fact that choosing the right fragrance is very important, but more importantly how to put the fragrance to the best benefit of its scent, here are the tips that will help you learn the best ways to put perfume on your body:

• If you are a dry-skinned owner, make sure to put the fragrance more than once a day because the dry skin does not retain perfume like oily skin, because the fragrance is mixed with oils that prevent it from evaporating faster. You can also use a good type moisturizer when you are wearing perfume.

• Put an extra amount of perfume in cold days in winter, where the cold weather reduces the power of fragrance, or you can buy a strong perfume, or one of the winter perfume types.

• Place your favorite perfume immediately after the shower, because the pores are open and absorb the perfume quickly.

• Place perfume in places where the pulse is too frequent, such as neck, chest, wrist, chest, elbow, and places interior of the thighs and behind the knee, where the blood flow near the skin in these areas is often due to their warmth, and therefore the absorption of the fragrance is faster

• Leave your skin to dry for a few minutes before you wear your clothes, because the good fragrance needs about an hour to evaporate.

• If your favorite perfume is in a spray image, try a sprinkle in the air from 3-4 times, and then pass down this spray to make the most of its scent.

• Avoid using any kind of lotion or aromatic soap during bathing so that it does not affect the scent of the fragrance when it is placed.

• Use the body lotion, shampoo, balm and other body care products that have the same scent as the perfume you wear, so you avoid mixing their odors in a way that produces a disturbing smell in the end.

• Don’t overdo the amount of perfume you wear, so you don’t have to bother around you.

• Test your favourite perfume in different classes of the year so that you can distinguish its effect in different temperatures.

• Avoid placing perfume on jewellery or clothing; Because the original perfume on the clothes causes stains to appear in the clothes, nor do you rub your wrists together after putting perfume on them because it kills the scent of perfume.

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