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Tips for Successful diet Steps

Many girls looking for a diet helps to lose weight, but without knowing is this diet healthy and successful or not? In this matter, Dr. Mohamed Salah Ali, professor of internal pathology and digestive system, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, said: There are many rules to be observed with most diet systems to ensure that the desired result is reached.

According to the seventh Day newspaper, Dr. Salah referred to a series of factors for successful passing:

-Substitution of maize and olive oil in food.

-Substitution of medical and Esperanto sugar substitutes in desalination.

-A greater intake of fibre-rich materials, such as apples, carrots, grains with their peel, artichoke and power.

-eating fatty meat and fish.

-Take a large salad at the start of the meal daily.

-Reduce intake of carbohydrates such as pasta and rice.

-Eating fresh fruits at least three hours after food.

-Split one-day meals into four meals and avoid eating greedily at once.

-eating cucumbers, watercress and tomatoes between meals, which helps to fill the stomach and feel full, as well as to eat too much water.

-Take care not to eat while watching TV or while driving a car, at which time the human being has to deal with large amounts of food without thinking.

Try to apply these factors during the accursed period and dont forget to tell us about your diet experience

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