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Banana and butter to protect your hands from dehydration

A number of skin care experts have discovered through their constant search for the most effective means and methods of treating the damage to the skin of the hands and the methods of prevention.

Specialists have stressed the persistence of hand massages with moisturizing creams several times during the day, as their skin is more subtle and vulnerable to the face of external influences such as air, temperature, sunlight and cleaning products.

Researchers were asked to ensure that the hands were not exposed to external influences, including varying temperatures, and that specialists were advised women accustomed to wear protective gloves when using water and avoid moving to cold air after washing hot water.

Experts referred to the use of moisturizing creams for the skin of the hands from the sebaceous glands, which makes them more prone to dehydration and to the incidence of many skin diseases, including eczema, cracks and others.

Those involved in this area prefer to use non-manufactured natural mixtures, such as packing a banana mixture with butter or soaked them. With a mixture of lukewarm water and olive oil and lemon and it is useful to use the butter or glycerine with drops of lemon juice

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