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How to choose a lipstick suitable for you

There is no doubt that choosing the right lipstick is not an easy thing, since many women believe that proper lipstick is the one that fits the clothes we wear, which is a false belief.

Since lipstick has nothing to do with the clothes we wear, there are several things to consider when choosing lipstick.

Here are the most important tips on how to choose the right color lipstick:

First, you should try the color of lipstick in clear and powerful lighting so you can clearly differentiate between colors.

Second: Use the colors of the red lips off if the lips are thick, purple and brown.

Third: Use the colors of the pink lipstick in case your skin is pale.

Fourth: Use the colors of the dust lips in case your skin is wiped.

Fifth: Use the colours of the red lips and the fuchsia in case your skin is dark.

Sixthly: Use the colors of the neatime lips if your skin is light.

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